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Expenses Associated with Medical Treatment: What Can You Claim?

Hello everyone, we have some very useful information for you today, especially if you regularly travel for medical care, a mere 80km round-trip, entitles you to tax deductions that can add up to great savings at the end of the fiscal year, especially if the trips are frequent. 

To begin, meal costs can be claimed, up to fifty-one dollars per day or seventeen dollars per meal can be claimed on trips for medical care, and even better, itemized receipts are not required. As always however, be sure to record the exact amounts with precise dates as well as keep documentation on your medical visit as the CRA may request documentation regarding the distance and duration of medical visit.

In addition, fuel expenses may also be claimed, in the province of Ontario it is fifty-five point five cents per kilometer, while in British Columbia it is fifty point five cents per kilometer, for a full list of provinces copy and paste the link at the bottom of the post.

Finally, if more than one-hundred and sixty kilometers are traveled round-trip than accommodations may be deducted as well, in this case though receipts must be kept. 




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Sunday, 04 December 2022